General Repairs

When it comes down to repairing guitars it seems that there aint nothin’ that can’t get broke, and generally speaking, there aint nothin’ that can’t get fixed! It’s really just a matter of deciding whether the instrument justifies the repair, but even that’s not as straight forward a comment as it might seem.

I’ve repaired much loved old guitars that aren’t worth as much as the case they arrived in, but the story behind them was always priceless and cost never an obstacle to getting a much loved instrument playing again. On the other hand I’ve repaired brand new guitars worth well into the big 4 figure sums that didn’t make it home from the shop they were bought in!

When it comes down to what’s worth fixing and what’s not ………. you decide.

The images detailed on this page are typical of the jobs taken into my workshop on a daily basis, pictured below a neck repair on a uke which just wasn’t playing as it should, not holding tune, and the action was pretty grim also.

Often these kind of problems mean that an otherwise nice instrument is abandoned, replaced, given away or even worse scrapped, when a simple repair could have had it up and playing again for generations to come. Some of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard come out of a guitar have been from instruments you wouldn’t have given a second look at if stumbled across in a car boot sale, the old adage never judge a book by its’ cover could well be replaced with never judge a guitar by its’ strings.

Repairs can often be a little more challenging as might be understood by the repair carried out on the acoustic guitar pictured above. This repair required complete removal of the sound board to get to the problem and to get it fixed properly. The need to ensure a perfect reattachment of the two halves is obvious and there are many ways to achieve this, the method used here is a particular favourite of mine, looks dramatic but gets the job done right first and every time.

Moving on to the 4th image on this page another regular type of repair which comes across by workbench, dodgy electrics! Nothing more frustrating than an intermittent fault, ineffective pick ups, crackly connections, the stuff of nightmares if your playing regularly. The good news is it needn’t cost a fortune to repair, sometimes a clean up of the existing components is all that’s required, other times a straight forward like for like replacement or an extravagant uprade, it just depends on what you want, but whatever you need doing, be sure that you can get it done at Cherry Guitars, just give us a call or drop us a line to find out more.

The final image on this page sees a new bridge and electrics being added to a guitar, this process is easy to do and the specification preferences of preferred components can have a significant impact on the final cost of the upgrade, but it’s fair to say that if you have a nice acoustic instrument you’d like to have electrified, you can do it for well under £100 and if you enjoyed playing it before, the upgrade will do nothing to dampen your enjoyment and everything to crank up your volume when the occassion demands it.